2022 Award Season Dates So Far

With Award Season now technically underway, we wouldn’t blame you if it felt a little blah all the same. Despite 2021 leaving us with some fantastic movies and TV shows to celebrate, 2022 has got off to a sour start, with many festivals opting to postpone, cancel, or go digital. We have, however, finally seen confirmed dates for many highlights of the season. Entertainment attorney Brandon Blake sets it all down for us.

Brandon Blake

Winter Months a Challenge

Part of the problem, of course, is that winter months and people gathering in tight spaces are an absolute no-go for many risk-averse award ceremonies as we see Omicron peeks almost daily. Luckily, the preventative measures look a whole lot more sophisticated now, and contingency plans have been part of the deal for years now.

So what do we have so far?
Alongside many niche-specific award ceremonies, including the Golden Reels, ADG Awards, and CAS awards, we see the following:

  • 25th American Society of Cinematographers (nominations)
  • 27th PGA Awards Film & TV (nominations)
  • 27th DGA Awards (nominations)
  • 27th WGA Awards (nominations)


Key dates to remember from February include:

  • 3rd: BAFTA Film Awards (nominations)
  • 5th: IDA Documentary Awards
  • 8th: Oscar (nominations)
  • 26th: PGA Awards
  • 27th: SAG Awards

We see a few awards ceremonies that would typically be earlier in the year move into March, including many of the niche awards we saw nominated in January. 

  • 4th: IDA Awards
  • 5th: ACE Eddie Awards
  • 6th Independent Spirit Awards
  • 13th: BAFTA Film Awards
  • 13th: Critics Choice Awards
  • 20th: WGA Awards
  • 27th: The Oscars
  • 30th: BAFTA TV Awards (nominations)

8th: BAFTA TV Awards
For now, the Governors Awards and the New York Film Critics Circle Awards remain indefinitely postponed, while we await the TBA on the AACTA awards.
For now, it seems that- bar a little disruption- most events will be going forward as planned. Blake & Wang P.A will, of course, keep you updated as we go.

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